Monday, April 2, 2007

Save on Lunch: Baja Fresh Kids' Faves

When I'm not eating out with clients on my corporate expense account, I usually pack my lunch during the work week. On the rare occasion I am left without a lunch that I have made, or someone else is paying for, I try to avoid paying the standard $8-10 dollars for a store bought lunch. At most casual dining establishments, take a close look at the menu and you will find hidden deals that satisfy you stomach and your wallet.

One of my favorite meal bargains is the Baja Fresh Kids' Faves menu. The meals include: choice of a small quesadilla, bean and cheese burrito or taquitos; two side dishes; tortilla chips; and a drink for just $3.95. You may add chicken to your quesadilla at no extra charge. The advertised side dishes are rice and applesauce, but you may substitute black or pinto beans for the applesauce. The drink choices are milk and a small soft drink.

The kids meal purchase also gets you access to the fantastic Baja Fresh salsa and hot pepper bar. The portion size is moderate, but it is plenty of food for lunch, and you don't finish eating feeling like you are going explode.

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